Jun 11

IPhone 3G: Is it Really Cheaper?

Apple launched the IPhone 3G which was much cheaper than the original version. But is it really cheaper? AT&T’s service plan jumps $10 a month. The first version of the sells at $399 (for 16GB of storage) but the 2-year plan with AT&T is lower by $140 compared to the the new plans for the IPhone 3G.

Nevertheless, the extra $40 for the total cost of the IPhone 3G is not so bad considering that this will be spread over 2 years plus the extra features of the new model is definitely worth the value. As a matter of fact, the IPhone 3G has improved on the quirks that most users have complained about on the first model.

Overall, if you are sensitive to the price variance, you will have to study all the pros and cons of both handsets. Specifically, you have to check all the features and accessories available in the new handset and compare it against the original handsets. The IPhone 3G package now excludes a desktop charger.

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