Jun 13

Cellphone Corn Popper Gag Revealed

For those who got scared after seeing the video of the cellphones popping corn in my post a few days ago, here is confirmation that it is indeed a hoax. You can all exhale now.

Apparently, it was a viral marketing stunt by bluetooth headset maker Cardo Systems. It was originally intended to encourage people to buy one of its bluetooth headsets to limit the possible effects of radiation on the head. Following panicked response from some viewers, Cardo Systems now comes clean and releases a statement that the video was merely a joke.

Anyway, for everyone’s info, bluetooth headsets also use radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Though the gag was way off its intended marketing ploy, it did cause a bit of a buzz for a couple of days. Maybe this is what Cardo Systems really wanted. But, I don’t think it gave me the impression that Cardo would be the brand to choose when I want to purchase a bluetooth headset. I think the video hoax leaves an impression that whoever did it is not credible nor serious about manufacturing quality gadgets. Nevertheless, the company will be unforgettable . . . though extinct in a year or so, if you ask me. I might consider them if they sell a corn popper.

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