Jun 16

BMW Unveils its GINA Light Visionary Model

While most car manufacturers are focusing on building fuel-efficient vehicles to meet the market’s needs, BMW just unveiled its latest radical concept car. The new concept involves their new GINA principle (Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptions). It simply means that BMW is focusing on building unique designs that have not been paralleled in the car industry.

The new model in their GINA philosophy is the Light Visionary Model concept. The only specs similar to others are the car’s realistic 8-cylinder powertrain package. The unit is a roadster built with aluminum space-frame chassis complemented with two double tailpipes and 20-in. alloy wheels at the corners. The unique feature of the model is the skin made of flexible material that can stretch and contract based on frames that can move around on the chassis using electro and electrohydraulic controls. The vehicle has scissor-type doors which wrinkles distinctively when open . They are stretched back into a smooth surface when the doors close.

The fabric that covers the body is made from a waterproof and temperature-resistant mesh netting on the outer layer, supported by a flexible skeleton. With the flexible skin, the headlights can be hidden or exposed when necessary. The signal lights for lane changes are only visible when they are turned on, the light shining through the translucent skin. The spoiler can also be hidden or exposed depending on its use.

What do you think? I find it strange the way culture seems to be divided into 2 distinct groups. On the one hand, you see headlines screaming of the impact of high fuel prices on normal consumers and the inevitable increase in unemployment rates nationwide. Then there are also news like this. It’s as if there is a part of the country indifferent to what the majority is going through. While everyone is talking about the price of gas, this other group seems to say “So what?”

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