Jun 16

Kidnappers of Drilon Want P15 Million by Tuesday Noon

Eight days after broadcast journalist Ces Drilon and her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, together with Mindanao State University professor Octavio Dinampo, were abducted by alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), a P15-million ransom has been demanded with a deadline at noon of June 17th. Mayor Alvarez Isnaji, negotiator, said Drilon called relaying the demand and begging for help. Meanwhile, ABS-CBN, Drilon’s network, reiterated its “no ransom policy” to protect journalists from future abductions.  It likewise denies allegations that it has abandoned its news crew.

Isnaji claims that the kidnappers informed him that the Drilon family has agreed to pay the P15-million ransom.  Isnaji stated that it is Ces Drilon’s parents who want to pay the ransom.  The ransom was reduced from P20 million to P15 million, based on what was allegedly agreed upon by the kidnappers and Drilon’s family. If ransom is not paid by deadline, the kidnappers insist that there will be repercussions.   However, Isnaji denied threats by the captors to execute hostages if the demands are not met.

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