Jun 17

Kanye Heckled at Bonnaroo Music Fest

Kanye West walked onto the festival stage nearly two hours past his scheduled 2:45 a.m. performance time Sunday morning and was greeted by a chorus of boos and chants of “Kanye sucks.” The hip hop star requested that his show be moved to 2:45 a.m. after Pearl Jam’s performance because he wanted to make the most of his Glow-in-the-Dark Tour’s lighting show. However, Pearl Jam’s gig lasted an hour longer than planned followed by an extended break while Pearl Jam’s roadies disassembled the band’s stage and West’s crew set up his own elaborate backdrop.

When 4:15 a.m. rolled around and still no West, the tired crowd began hurling glow sticks at the stage and screaming anti-West sentiments while no official statement was announced for the delay. West finally entered the stage at 4:30 a.m.. By then, many exhausted attendees had had enough and returned to their tents.

Apparently, there was nothing to miss. West’s performance didn’t stand out from the 150 acts performing at the four-day musical campout. Many fans voiced disappointment after Kanye left without even acknowledging the crown nor even a wave goodbye. West failed to even acknowledge his tardiness.

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