Jun 18

Save Energy and Shake to Brighten the Dark

The “In” thing at the moment is anything that can be described as eco-friendly. As eco-friendly cars have pushed out the brawny SUV, several manufacturers have followed suit to attract consumers, mostly who are in cost-cutting modes, and also help propagate products that are good for the environment.

A good example of such products is the shake flashlight from EcoGeekLiving.com and recently featured in Oprah’s magazin, O Home. The LED Shake Flashlight is not powered by any batteries. Just shake the flashlight for one minute and you will get 30 minutes of continuous bright light from this LED flashlight. The flashlight is almost 9″ long and has 3 super bright white LEDs to provide illumination. The user can opt to utilize either 1 LED light or 3 LED lights depending on the circumstances. It is ideal for camping and for emergencies since it is waterproof and there is no worry of ever losing power.

I believe it is the ideal time for us to start patronizing environment friendly products considering the imminent deterioration of our surroundings. We can all start by utilizing products similar to the LED Shake Flashlight and contribute to keeping the earth clean and green.

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