Jun 19

Spam King to Pay $6 Million to MySpace.com

Scott Richter was ordered by the court to pay US$6 million in damages and legal fees for spamming MySpace.com users. Richter from Westminster, Colorado, must pay MySpace $4.8 million in damages and $1.2 million in legal fees as directed by a court-appointed arbitrator.

Richter was sued by MySpace in January 2007 relative to an August 2006 campaign wherein its members were hit with unsolicited messages promoting Consumerpromotionscenter.com. The messages were sent from phished MySpace accounts which proved the site’s inability to deal with security breaches.

Richter announced that he and his company, Media Breakaway, were glad to have the matter behind them, especially with the arbitrator awarding only 5% of the amount sought by MySpace. He confirmed that they were not going to appeal the ruling and will pay the money awarded. Moreover, he assured that Media Breakaway create a compliance team to prevent any other actions that would break the law.

MySpace commented that Richter’s case was the latest result of its drive to combat abuse on its web site. The company was also awarded a $230 million antispam judgment against Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines in May.

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