Jun 20

Abuses in IT Privileges

A survey conducted by Cyber-Ark, a US information security company, revealed that one in three IT professionals abuse their administrative privilege on password access to get private information on co-workers.  On the other hand, 47% admitted that they access information that was not relevant to their position.

Privileged passwords get changed far less frequently than other passwords.  The reason may be attributed to the position held by those with these type of access.  These are usually held by people in high positions who are either too busy or those who can’t be bothered regularly to change the password.  The larger risk in this practice is the ability of even  IT staff accessing information on the company long before they have left or have been relieved of their employment.

Numerous companies do not even bother to secure their data.  This may be due to cost constraints or most do not feel the need.  Some of course realize too late that the company needs to secure data.  However, at the rate technology and knowledge seem to be accelerating, there may come a time when it is unnecessary to implement any security IT measures.  It might be because the cyberworld or network hardwares themselves could develop the ability to secure them, or no matter how hard security is implemented, everything can get hacked anyway.

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