Jun 20

The World’s Most Expensive Burger

Have you ever tasted a $185 hamburger? Well, it can only be found in Burger King at South Kensington which sells at 95 pounds ($185).  Named simply The Burger, is made from massaged Japanese Wagyu beef spiced with organic white wine and pink Himalayan rock salt.

The Burger is a limited edition which can be bought only for 2 days and has already sold 50 pieces.  It is challenging the Guinness Record for the most expensive burger held currently by the American Double Truffle Burger which cost about $127 in 1994.  According to Mark Dowding, chef at Burger King and creator of the burger, said that they have chosen to sell it at South Kensington  because they are certain the area has burger aficionados, not to mention the ability of consumers in the area to afford something that pricey.

Although it is aimed to please burger fanatics who want to try something different, the effort was actually done for charity.  Proceeds of the sale will be donated to Help a London Child — a charitable institution helping abused and poverty-stricken children.

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