Jun 22

Great-Looking Celebrity Moms

For those who have been pregnant before, was there ever during that time you felt gorgeous?  I has been a while for me.  But I don’t remember feeling like a goddess or a fashion icon.  I just remember feeling heavy and hungry all the time.  Well, take a look at these celebrities sporting bumps in hollywood.  Wow, if I could find a picture of me pregnant looking like anyone of them, I would definitely hang it on the wall . . .

Angelina Jolie looks like she’s on top of the world.

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio must still look good in any lingerie.

Do you think it’s only the dress that makes Nicole seem like a Greek goddess?

If I do get pregnant again, I swear I’m going to get any one of these clothes just to find out if I can look like them.  My friends will probably laugh at me and just have one thing to say, “Fat chance!”

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