Jun 23

Melatonin And Sleep Disorders

Lately, I feel like my body clock is out of order. Sometimes, I have trouble sleeping at night while other times I just drift off from fatigue before it’s even 9 in the evening. It’s probably from the stress and responsibilities I have to deal with at the moment. There are several ways that help in managing sleep disorders. These all revolve around managing the release of melatonin in the body.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland (a small gland in the brain) that help regulate sleep and wake cycles. Normally, melatonin levels rise in the mid to late evenings and remain high all through dawn. These decline in the morning. The natural release of melatonin is partly affected by light. This may be the reason why some blind people have trouble sleeping. As the body ages, melatonin levels begin to change and gradually decline with age.

Sometimes, it may be advisable to take melatonin as a dietary supplement. However, it is not recommended to be taken for long periods and is usually only suggested for those who have jet lag or severe sleep disorders. Did you know that there may be a way to induce the release of melatonin?

This method was taught to us by our yoga teacher and may help those with sleeping disorders like insomnia. First, turn off the lights in the room and light a candle. Then, relax and keep your eyes on the single flame and keep your eyes from blinking. Just keep staring at the flame without blinking until your eyes start producing tears. Then, close your eyes and let them rest for a minute or two. After this exercise, you may feel a bit drowsy and finally get the good night rest that you need. It should induce the production of melatonin and you don’t need to take any supplement that could be harmful to your body.

Anyway, just remember that sleeping is one of the major requirements of your body. If you have trouble sleeping, just let go of any troubling thoughts. Meditate if necessary. Just delay your problems or worries for another day and let your body rest.

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