Jun 24

IPhone’s Flaw According to Women

Like any other electronic gadget, someone always has something to complain about.  It can be either too slow, lacks enough memory, it’s too big, it’s too small, and the list goes on forever.  For the IPhone, there have been gripes that are actually valid in comparison to other mobile phones.  It doesn’t have a video camera, quality of the camera is lacking, and there isn’t extra storage.

An unusual complaint though, comes from women with long nails.  Yes, you read that right.  Women with long nails find it difficult to use the touchscreen feature because it only responds to electrical charges emitted by your bare fingertips.  This leaves women with long nails out in the cold. Some even go so far as to say that Apple was being misogynistic.

The same argument can be said about keyboards, other touch screen monitors, and anything else that involves the use of your fingers.  Should manufacturers factor this in with any gadget design then?  I believe it becomes a valid complaint only if a considerable percentage of the market will have the same problem.

My take on the issue — don’t buy an IPhone if you can’t live without your long nails.  No pun intended, but I believe women who prefer long nails may not have the personality to use gadgets that would give them problems with it.  Unless of course they think it looks cute with neon pink polish or french tip nails.  It may be best if they stick to the standard mobile phones and stay away from sms messages.  Gadgets that require stylus or touch screen controls are not worth the risk of getting chips or scratches on their nail polish.

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