Jun 25

The Secret of Body Language

Do you know the art of body language? Some have developed the skill of reading body language that they have used it for a living. Ex-FBI agent Joe Navarro used to do it for a living before he wrote his book “What Every Body is Saying.”

Joe Navarro has a knack for knowing what a person is feeling without hearing the words from the person’s mouth. Small gestures are enough for him to determine if you are uncomfortable or if you’re lying. He has developed the habit of looking at couples and knowing right off if they are in love or not.

According to him, leaning towards a person is a simple act of interest and the opposite if you lean away. Playing with your necklace during a conversation is a sign of discomfort and a desire to be somewhere else. There are a lot of signs. However, sometimes it’s not just one movement, but a series of gestures together with facial expressions.

Maybe I haven’t developed it into something close to what Joe has developed. But I am sensitive to people’s movements and expressions. I didn’t learn any of it intentionally, I just know in my gut. I guess most of us have that too. But I do focus more on the eyes rather than the gestures. When a person avoids eye contact, it can be a number of things. It may be a sign that the person is lying, or uncomfortable, or even angry. Regardless of what he feels, it is a signal telling me that the person wishes to hide something from me. Attraction is a little more difficult though. Sometimes, there are people who make a habit of touching others or invading other people’s personal space. So, it doesn’t translate to attraction all together.

It is true what Joe preaches. Actions speak louder than words. That would be the reason that it becomes harder for me to determine a person’s intentions or feelings when the discussion is not face-to-face. Inflections of the voice is a very difficult gauge. I have to figure it out from things that are said and those that aren’t.

Then again, maybe it’s better not to analyze every single detail. It’s not an exact science. And no matter how hard we try, maybe there are things better left unknown.

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