Jun 26

3-Year Old Kid Saves Mom With 911 Call

Madelyn, a 3-year-old girl, saves her mom who taught her to call 911 with a song. It was a simple song that her mom, Jessica Eaves, taught her to prepare the young girl for emergency.

Jessica knew she had a condition wherein she would unexpectedly faint during her pregnancy. Thus, she deemed it necessary to teach her daughter to call 911 when it happens by making up a song called “911 Green.” This would prompt the young girl to call 911 through her mother’s cellphone and ask for help.

This was the second time that Madelyn had called for help when her mother fainted. The first one happened a year ago when the young girl called the last person her mom talked with. Eaves made up a song titled “911 green, 911 green,” referring to the numbers and color of the send button on most cell phones.

It was easier for Madelyn to remember which button to press during an emergency when the instructions were made into a song.

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