Jun 26

Kanye Defends Bonnaroo Festival Performance

Remember Kanye’s performance at the Bonnaroo Festival that had fans booing him?  Well, Kanye finally breaks his silence with a post in his blog, www.kanyeuniversity.com, and blamed the festival organizers for the delay.  He felt offended that people thought he didn’t care about his fans.  He claims that the Bonnaroo event was the worst insult he has ever had and it was the most offended he has ever been.

Kanye claims that a month before the event, he had been coordinating with festival organizers, going back and forth on the details of the show.  Festival organizers, on the other hand, insist that they have done their best to accommodate the needs of every performer  during that event.  Finally, Kanye apologized to his fans (which he should have done long ago) that he was not able to give them the show and performance that he really wanted.

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