Jun 27

Tech-Free Celebrities Don’t Give a Hoot If They Can’t Do Email

Would you believe that there are celebrities who don’t even carry cellphones with them?

Emma Thompson is a powerhouse actress, a jetsetter, and hobnobs with Bill Gates. Yet you can’t ask her to open a laptop. Her favorite equipment is a fountain pen. She is not the only prominent personality who stay away from technology. Lucky for them their stature gives them the option to stay away from technology. My boss would throw a fit if I don’t answer her text messages.

Vince Vaughn doesn’t even own a cellphone. He doesn’t like being bothered by phone calls. If he does need one, he would rather borrow someone else’s mobile phone. Others, on the one hand, are recovering tech addicts. Tyra Banks revealed that her Blackberry caused her physical pain which forced her to go low tech since then.

There are more celebs close to being technophobes. Simon Cowell admits not knowing how to work a computer just as Larry King has never done an internet search in his entire life. Orlando Bloom feels the same way and claims he just doesn’t want to deal with it. Do they really hate the computer? Or are they just afraid their lack of technical skills will be paraded around and laughed at? It could be possible. And whatever their justifications are could be simple excuses to hide their inability.

Still, technophobia does have its benefits. When Billy Bob Thornton’s sister-in-law accused him of harassing her via e-mail, there was no denying she was making it up. Billy, according to his rep, doesn’t do email and never has.

For now, these people can get away with it. They can live cellphone-free lives and be excused for missing important meetings because they never got the changes in schedules. They can also have hassle-free weekends because they can’t be reached via email to go to that charity event or a relative’s birthday party.

Though there are days I wish the cellphone and computer were never invented, I still can’t imagine my life without them. Just as they have made me work more, they have also made most of my life convenient. If I feel like being alone for a day, I can just throw my cellphone in the river the way Casey Affleck did and just get another one in the morning.

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