Jun 28

Miley Cyrus Still Upset Over Photo Scandal

Following Myley Cyrus’ topless Vanity Fair photo scandal, the young actress says she is still trying to recover from the embarrassment. She considers it a learning experience because she realized that she can make bad decisions in her career and she can’t always be perfect.

Miley does admit that she still feels pain pondering over the incident. It is hard for the teen since she is considered as a role model for girls her age. However, how she handles it may be part of the package.

The young singer is just about to finish the upcoming Hannah Montana movie and claims that she does not expect to play the character for a long period of time. But with just 2 seasons under her belt, she is trying to enjoy the role and making the most out of the experience.

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  1. Aden Barrett says:

    miley you rock and all of you guys are just jealous because she is famous and you are not so shut the hell up!!!


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