Jul 01

Demi Moore: The Epitome of Aging Gracefully

No one else can represent the idea of aging gracefully better than the iconic actress Demi Moore. Her classic and enduring beauty does not make the 45-year old actress look her age. After the movie St. Elmo’s Fire, she had become an unforgettable character in the movie industry. And following the success of Ghost, the supernatural love story with Patrick Swayze, there was no question she belonged on the silver screen.

Just as captivating as her face, was the story of her life in Hollywood. After failed marriages with Freddy Moore and Bruce Willis, she married the 25-year old Ashton Kutcher who was 15 years her junior. What most divorced women envy about her is the close friendship she maintained with her ex-husband Bruce Willis. Willis remained a major factor in their 3 daughters’ lives despite the break-up and even joins her in family gatherings with Kutcher.

Moore likewise disclosed that it was Kutcher who initiated the close relationship with her children. In a few weeks while they were dating, it was Kutcher who told her that he wanted a more significant role in their life. From then on, they were inseparable. And if you view most of the pictures of the couple, you will see that they always seem to be cuddling, laughing, or looking at each other. In body language, it looks like a couple very much in love.

More than her beauty and her relationship with Kutcher, many are surprised at how well she has raised her children. Despite being around parents whose lives are pretty much splattered all over tabloids and magazines, Demi’s children have grown with their feet firmly on the ground — no reported misdemeanors or bratty attitudes. From a single mom raising 3 kids on her own, I take my hats off to a beautiful lady who managed to be an exception in an industry where family relationships have not always been ideal.

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