Jul 01

Does Celebrity Romance Stand a Chance?

It’s sad to say that very few celebrity marriages survive. Barely any celebrity couple grows old together. Does it have anything to do with the industry? Definitely.

There are rumors that Madonna and her husband for 7 years Guy Ritchie has reached the limit and are going to go through what most have gone through — Divorce. Why is it so difficult for celebrities to stay in love and grow old together? Annie Ichikawa’s article on Shine explains why. First, the temptation surrounding the business is just too much for most of them to stay faithful. There are just too many gorgeous men and women around. And it can be difficult to stay indifferent to a sexy co-worker you spend more time with during shoots and kiss onscreen every now and then. Eventually, something gives.

Next, the hype or publicity in a relationship can get between couples. A perfect example is Ben and J. Lo or Bennifer. Every nook and cranny of the relationship can be found in tabloids and magazines. Every comment about the relationship heard from all sides causes rifts that splits a couple in the end. Third, career envy or jealousy always gets in the way. One is almost always more famous than the other. When Reese Witherspoon started getting better roles and won an Oscar for Walk the Line, Ryan Philippe couldn’t stand the competition and decided to downgrade with Abbie Cornish. Now, Reese seems more content with Jake Gylenhaal.

Hopefully, there will be pairs that can withstand all these and stay together. Those that everyone is always on the look out for are Demi and Ashton, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and of course, Brad and Angelina. I’m rooting for Will and Jada. However, Demi and Ashton seem to have to strength to give them a run for their money. We’ll see.

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