Jul 04

Faith in the Family

I think it is just about the right time that I give a little more of myself into the blog. I have tried to keep the blog as objective as possible in the interest of readers worldwide. I intended the blog to be a collection of interesting topics about life. Then again, maybe I can provide readers a bit of an idea about my life, even for just this time.

The reason I mentioned that now may be a good time is because my mother’s side of the family rediscovered each other again after quite a long time. My mom suffered from Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) in May and has been in the hospital since. Not to make this a sad story for anyone — she is recovering now which surprised doctors because of her age. It was this unfortunate sacrifice that my Mom had to undergo that brought the family closer again despite the miles between most of us. I give credit to the miracle of technology that brought us closer through email groups, mobile phones, and internet chats.

My mom’s sickness has taught me one thing — no matter how far apart you are, you can always lean on your family for support at a time when you need it most. Friends and lovers may come and go, but your family will be there for you regardless of the circumstances.

Mom has now recovered from a near-fatal disease. I am fortunate to have found friends and family who had my back right from the start. If there were anything that helped my mother get well, they were prayers and wishes of people who have become part of my life one way or the other.

I am tempted to show the world pics of the family that I am proud of (especially the ones from the 70’s). However, for fear of getting roasted alive by my cousins, I’d rather not. But let me present to everyone my grandmother, a lovely lady who left us too early and deprived her grandchildren of the chance to sit on her lap and listen to bedtime stories. I likewise send my compliments to my cousin who has diligently kept this vintage photo in great condition that will surely be appreciated by our descendants to come.

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