Jul 04

Heath Ledger as The Joker May Win Oscars


Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker in the upcoming Batman flick, The Dark Knight, is not quite that of the typical villain in a superhero movie. The character was darker than it has ever been. The character was darker than it has ever been. There were earlier rumors while shooting that Ledger’s portrayal was remarkable. However, some speculated that it may be a publicity stunt for the film. All doubts dissipated during the screening of the movie.

The persona that Ledger embodied was maniacal and psychotic, leading Gary Oldman (playing the the cop Jim Gordon) to comment that he was arguably the greatest screen villain the he has ever seen. Filmmaker and comic fan Kevin Smith likewise gave a thumbs up to Ledger saying that the actor didn’t so much as perform the character as he disappeared completely into the role.

With Ledger’s brilliant performance, many are suggesting that he will likely get an Oscar nomination for the performance. Should this materialize, Ledger would only be the 7th actor in history to get nominations posthumously. A win will make him only the second actor to get the award posthumously, following Peter Finch who won Best Actor in 1976 for the movie “Network” 2 months after his death.

Even with all the praise given to Heath Ledger’s portrayal, it is news that I carry with a heavy heart. Before Ledger died, friends and colleagues indicated that he had been depressed. The actor admitted to having trouble sleeping, explaining that the characters he had been portraying were beginning to take their toll on him. Reports from the medical examiner indicate that the actor died of acute intoxication which was likely accidental. NYPD found 5 medicines in the apartment for anxiety and insomnia.

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