Jul 04

Unforgettable Hollywood Pick-Up Lines

If you want a list of worst pick-up lines, the list is a long one in Hollywood movies. While we cringe at some of them now, you have to admit that they probably made you flush and giggle the first time you watched them. The truth is, one of my favorite movies is froth with these pick-up lines. I love Jerry Macguire. I am trying to remember now when the lines in the movie became part of the worst pick-up line list. During the time of screening, it never occurred to me they were crappy. I guess they start becoming crap when people start to say they were crap.

When I think about it, the lines were actually ok. Problem is, it’s not possible to use them anymore because the movie had become so popular. And maybe we were hoping deep inside that it would’ve been great if the movie never made any money. The lines would have worked in real life if there were not so many people who watched it.

I was wondering if they would work in the Ultimate Flirting Championship launched by Extreme Style by VO5. I did try them and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself while I was playing the game. I started getting responses from movie pick-up lines too. Before we knew it, we were having fun dishing out Hollywood lines. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough to win. Someone else was better at Hollywood lines which included movies I haven’t even seen yet. Maybe I don’t have Victory Hair. I will have to try my luck some other time.

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