Jul 06

The Summer Movies of 2008

Summer is the season of great movies and blockbusters. This year we’ve got quite a variety of films that have tried to get the top spot. The Fourth of July weekend saw the much-awaited movie from Will Smith, Hancock. As expected it steals the top rank with $24 million in box office gross.

Hancock is a story of a washed out superhero who tries to make a comeback by getting a PR exec to clean up his image. Jason Bateman plays the PR exec Ray Embrey whose life was saved by Hancock. Probably the best reason to watch the movie is the collaboration of Smith and Bateman who both have their own brand of comedy that works. Besides, aren’t you tired of watching superheroes that don’t seem human at all — they are so perfect. It’s about time the world sees a superhero that becomes an alcoholic yet manages to try and pick himself up. It was an endeavor that proved difficult but may still be possible.

Next to Hancock is Wall-E, a movie that surprisingly outmaneuvered Jolie’s Wanted in the box office. Upcoming movies such as Hellboy II and The Dark Knight are in the popularity list and worth watching out for.

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