Jul 07

Olympic Hopeful Gets Injured in Trials

Tyson Gay was destined to bring back the Olympic Gold to the US Track and Field team.  Unfortunately, this hope has dimmed when he injured his leg during trials for the Olympic team.  Gay is the current world champion in the 100 and 200 meter sprints.  He already qualified in trials for the 100 last week when he made 9.77 seconds.

With the injury, his chances of getting both the 100 and the 200 in the Olympics have disappeared.  In any other event, an injury during trials would still give the athlete a shot at making it in the event.  However, the US track and field team plays it straight — top three finishers make the Olympics and there are no exceptions.

With the Olympics just 5 weeks away, some are worried that Gay may run injured.  However, trainers are hoping that the athlete just suffered a cramp on his hamstring.  He went through an MRI just to be sure and everyone is still awaiting results.  If he does recover, his training in the coming weeks may be constrained to avoid further injury by the time the real thing begins.

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