Jul 11

Is Water as Fuel Possible?

Fuel prices have risen to an unprecedented high.  The global impact of high fuel cost now opened the doors for other engines that claim to utilize other sources of power.  The most sought-after and still controversial source is water.  Imagine what it would be like to be able to load your car with water coming only from your garden hose.

Rumors of this new technology has now left consumers scrambling to discover if it is true.  Though there have been several sites in the web that claims to have the step-by-step instruction on how to convert your automibile engine, I doubt it will be that easy.  You may end up damaging your engine.

However, a better possibility is that  Japanese company, Genepax, is currently working on its eco-friendly car that wil run on nothing but water.  The technology works by breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen which further provides for a hydrogen fuel cell to have enough energy to drive a car.

If ths were true, OPEC countries may have more problems in the future.  When water becomes a staple for engine-run products, every gasoline station will become obsolete and it will be accessible to anyone who has a faucet.  Then again, if this happens, will we start depleting the world’s water supply?  I hope not.

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