Jul 11

Naples Inmates Recognize One of Their Own in the Film Gomorra

Other than getting rave reviews in the Cannes Film Festival in May, the film Gomorra also assisted authorities in the capture of a wanted organized crime figure who appeared as Giovanni Venosa in the film. The film was screened in a Naples prison where there are inmates jailed for the activities related to the Gomorra (Naples version of the Mafia).

While watching, the inmates recognized the actor as part of their group. He is said to be part of the crime syndicate with a passion for acting. He auditioned for director Matteo Garrone and was selected to be part of the no-name cast. Police were able to track him and now lies in prison in the Northern Italian City of Modena.

The prisoner’s character in Gomorra killed 2 teenagers but police would not divulge what he is accused of in real life.

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