Jul 13

Andre, the Two-Legged Dog, Symbolizes the Need for Change

I have always been an advocate of kindness to animals no matter what kind. I always scold my children when they catch insects such as dragonflies or beetles. Just because we are the stronger specie doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a vegetarian. I believe in the circle of life. However, there is something to be said with the way we do kill them. Slaughtering other species for our survival doesn’t mean we can do it with a method that causes them excruciating pain. There is no excuse for cruelty.

In Alaska, the debate about animal traps continues. People are allowed to set-up traps or snares to catch wild animals in Palmer, Alaska, specifically to catch wolverines. Unfortunately, as more and more people encroach on habitats of wild animals, the snares have ended up hurting even domesticated animals or pets. One of the victims is Andre. Andre was rescued by a woman who trailed his blood across a country road. With his survival, he has now become the symbol for animal lovers’ fight to make these traps illegal.

When will we realize that God did not make this world only for us? We share earth with countless other creatures who have as much right to live as us. We are the higher being, yet we seem to constantly prove that other animals are much better than us. Carnivores consume other animals for survival and as part of the food chain. On the other hand, they say that we are the only specie that kill for pleasure or for sport. Are we truly the higher being? Or have we stepped the boundaries and play the power trip against other animals? Cruelty, no matter what type of creature is subjected to it, will be cruelty. There is no other name to it.

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