Jul 13

Angelina Gives Birth to Boy-Girl Twins

It’s official — Angelina and Brad just had their boy-girl twins. The baby boy will be named Knox Leon while the girl will be known as Vivienne Marcheline. Angelina gave birth Saturday night and is doing well according to Dr. Michel Sussman.

Knox weighed just over 5 pounds while Vivienne was at 5 pounds. Angelina gave birth through Caesarian section around 8 pm Saturday night while Brad was there during the operation at the seaside Lenval hospital in Nice, Southern France. Papparazzi were vigilantly watching hospitals in the French Riviera and missed Angelina’s earlier arrival at the hospital via helicopter.

Since the first photos of the babies are expected to fetch millions, Angelina and Brad had sold the first photos to a yet unnamed US publication with proceeds to be donated to charity. To prevent any unauthorized pictures, the hospital coated the windows of the room with a special material which will not make any type of camera to take any photos. Any picture in magazines and the internet which claims to show the couple in their room were either fake or manipulated.

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