Jul 13

Car Manufacturers On a Race to Build All-Electric Vehicle

Fuel had to rise to more than $4 per gallon before manufacturers find it fit to build eco-friendly cars. It’s about time. With hybrids now in-demand, car makers are rushing to make the first fully-functional electric car. The issue has always been how to pack that much energy to run a car engine and all its working parts. Now, there is no more time to lose in making the revolutionary car that will make gasoline obsolete. The first manufacturer to release an all-electricity car will definitely be known as the world’s hero — the savior that everyone has been waiting for.

The most talked about Chevrolet Volt is what everyone has been looking forward to. It is not a hybrid car. It will run entirely on electricity. General Motors claims that it will be ready for production by 2010. It will not drop dead when the battery runs low. It will have a small engine that will operate as a generator and charge the batteries and keep the car moving. Then again, there’s not need to worry about that if you’re not going on a long trip since it will take 40 miles before the batteries need to be recharged. The only thing that may not be good about the Volt is the price tag. It is expected to cost about $40,000. If fuel prices remain high, it may well be worth it, especially if it delivers the performance that it claims to be capable of. Another model under GM is the Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid. It will not be as revolutionary as the Volt since it will work like the current hybrids. However, it claims to be an enhanced version of current hybrids.

Following GM’s lead, Ford Motors will release the Ford Escape plug-in hybrid. This will be powered by lithium-ion batteries and can achieve fuel economy of 120 miles/gallon on the first 30 miles at moderate speed. Ford is also expected to release its Hyseries. Unlike the Volt, the Hyseries will not be supported by a gas engine as back-up. Instead it will be backed up by a hydrogen fuel cell.

It is pretty exciting to watch us humans overcome a challenge.   Maybe this rise in fuel price is the wake-up call we need to stop polluting our environment.  Mother Earth seems to have found a way to make her children stop making a mess in her house.  Worldwide oil supplies are running out and people are starting to think again and become creative and inventive.  Finally, mankind is on in its way to make better machines again.

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