Jul 15

Konami Drags Viacom to Court Over Rock Band

Konami claims that Viacom violates several patents issued to the former in Rock Band. These include simulated musical instruments, a music-game system, and a musical-rhythm matching game. Patents for these have been granted to Konami since 2002 and 2003.

The masterminds behind Dance Dance Revolution are seeking financial compensation along with an order to block Harmonix and Viacom from using any of the inventions covered by the patents. This could mean trouble for the breakout MTV music game franchise since that covers most of its lauded features.

Filing suit seems to have become a trend between music video game developers. A few months back, guitar maker Gibson sued Viacom, Guitar Hero publisher Activision, and a group of retailers over the breach of another set of music game patents. The games that these developers are fighting over get a lot of publicity from these disputes. Whether it’s positive publicity or negative doesn’t really matter. In marketing or promotions, publicity is still publicity. People read about the controversy over the game and want to know what the fuss is all about.

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