Jul 15

Pics of Knox and Vivienne to Fetch $20 Million

Yes you read the title right. Exclusive pictures of the Brangelina fraternal twins is estimated to be worth $20 million. It beats older sister Shiloh’s $4.1 million value which was donated to Namibian hospitals and UNICEF. And it’s definitely way over the $6 million that the J. Lo twins got from People magazine.

Are they really worth it? Those in the publication industry believe they are. Shiloh’s cover pics for People magazine sold a whopping 2.2 million copies or 45% of average. More than the sales, it’s the invaluable prestige and publicity that the publisher gains. In this type of industry, branding and marketing is everything. As such, they do not hesitate to pay more than the annual salary of their entire staff for an exclusive first peek at an A-List celebrity baby. But it is noble that most celebrities do opt to donate proceeds to charity.

In Knox and Vivienne’s case, their picture is not worth a thousand words. Their pics are worth millions. Can’t wait to see them.

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