Jul 17

It’s Bye Bye to Gil Grissom by Midseason

Fans of CSI: Las Vegas will have to savor the remaining episodes of the series with Gil Grissom still on board. CBS confirmed that Willam Petersen will soon be leaving the show and remain only as the series’ executive producer.  However, CBS hints that Grissom may still show up now and then as they insists that viewers haven’t seen the last of him yet.

According to Petersen, leaving Grissom isn’t what bothers him.  As an actor, he believes that it’s time to move on and try other things.  However, saying goodbye to the cast and crew would be the hardest part.  As such, he wants to be a part of the show behind the scenes and stay until the lights turn off.  Petersen’s exit is the latest blow following the departure of Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan last season.

Producers assure fans that they still have a lot under their sleeve.  Aside from new casts, they also plan to have William Friedkin (The Exorcist) direct the show’s 200th episode this spring.  Whatever’s up their sleeve, I hope it works.  Grissom’s exit may well be the clincher that will spell disaster for the famed series.

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