Jul 19

Starbucks to Close Down 600 Stores Throughout Next Year

Starbucks Corp. has announced that it will close 600 company-owned stores to weed out unprofitable locations and maintain the company’s efficiency. The company gave a list of 50 stores late last week that would be closed by the end of July. These include four stores in Alabama, seven in Minnesota and eight in California. Now, it has detailed all stores planned for closure which includes 88 more in California and 10 in San Diego. Florida will lose 59 stores while Louisiana will lose 13, 9 of them in Baton Rouge.

It seems that the economic crisis has dwindled demand for gourmet coffee. Maybe Americans finally realized you can get coffee with the same taste for less. Lately, I can’t seem to work without coffee. But I make do with those instant packs which really don’t taste bad. It’s the aroma that I seem to crave for rather than the taste. If it’s aroma you crave like me, you can get an instant and drink outside the local Starbucks.

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