Jul 24

Fish Pedicure: The Latest Beauty Treatment

How would you like to have your toes be nibbled for your pedicure? Sounds weird but it’s actually done at Yvonne Hair and Nails Salon in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s called the fish pedicure treatment. Looks ticklish doesn’t it? The little carps are called garra rufa or doctor fish. They eat the dead skin cells on the feet and it is considered the best foot spa treatment to keep your feet soft and smooth. Some say the nibbling also has a calming effect because it feels like your feet are being massaged by tiny little suckers.

The garra rufa was discovered in a hot spring in Turkey and they were found to be the best cure to psoriasis and other skin ailments. The fish would eat away at the dead and infected skin of the feet and hands while the minerals in the hot spring would soothe and cure the affected area.

It’s interesting, don’t you think? I will have to put this on my list of things I should do before I die.

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