Jul 28

Samsung Anycall: The Science of Haptics

Haptics, from the Greek word “haptesthai,” means to touch. This new technology is what Samsung is currently banking on to get an edge over the stiff competition in the cellphone industry. Scientists have studied haptics for decades and have now determined the functions of skin receptors and how information travels from the point of contact to the central nervous system.

Samsung’s Anycall looks almost like the IPhone except that it will definitely boost its features to give the IPhone a run for its money. And considering that the IPhone is mostly hype and lacks so many of the high tech features of its competitors, the Anycall has a good chance of bumping it off its spot.

Though there is very little information to describe the new model, what has been reported is that the Anycall will operate with a touchscreen which will vibrate with a touch allowing the user to confirm that the input has been registered. However, unlike other touchscreen devices, it will have 22 different touch sensations depending on what the user wants the gadget to do. It will be the most advanced touchscreen device unless another company releases a similar gadget before its actual market release.

Experts predict that haptics will be the future in gadgets and it will become so advanced that users will be able to determine who the call is coming from just by touching it — a sort of digital Braille as they call it. The world of electronics is becoming so captivating every moment that it is almost difficult to catch up. Pretty soon, the concepts presented in sci-fi movies such as James Bond or Minority Report will now become a reality.

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