Jul 31

The Blackberry Thumb and The IPod Finger

They say those gadgets that we humans are going gaga over can be detrimental to our health. I’m not talking about the alleged brain cancer that radio waves can give us. They have dubbed it with different names — nintendonitis, texting tendinitis, numb thumb, and more recently, the IPod finger and the Blackberry thumb. We seem to have become so engrossed with our gizmos that we overlook the fact that it causes stress to our fingers or wrists. Before texting became a craze, carpal tunnel syndrome was the most usual ailment we acquire from typing too much on our computer. We do tend to overdo it, don’t we?

Well, except for carpal tunnel syndrome, all the rest are minor injuries that can be cured with rest and therapy. Doctors advice that if we can’t control the use of our gadgets, we have to remember to flex and stretch them every so often. However, they still maintain that texting while driving or crossing the street is a no-no. This last habit can cause more than just injury. There have been reports that accidents due to texting while walking or driving has been on the rise. There have been a few deaths, but nothing alarming. Still, we have to control ourselves and remember that our safety comes first.

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