Aug 01

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Movie

It’s almost time again for the movie version of the Harry Potter series to grace the screen and weave its magic with the audience. Though there has not been any Harry Potter movie that I felt gave justice to the book, it’s a regular pilgrimage me and my kids attend to. We look forward to it every other year. While my kids enjoy watching it endlessly even in DVD, I just saw the last few versions once in the movies.

Well, the trailer is out and I like what I saw. The young Tom Riddle was really creepy. It didn’t feel like the usual Harry Potter movie. It had the aura of a mystery horror flick. This is expected to be the tragedy among the series. I didn’t expect David Yates to make it so eerie. As early as now, I’m itching to see more of the film. I can only hope that it was not just a trailer done so well.

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