Aug 01

The Famous Monster of Montauk

The Monster of Montauk created buzz a few days ago after the Gawker featured the story based on a tip given by Alanna Navitski. However, Navitski worked for a marketing company which led Gawker to assume it was some sort of viral marketing scheme. With the advancement in digital imaging and graphics, something like this was not difficult to create.

However, eye witnesses seem to prove that the creature did exist. The dead critter washed up on the shores of Montauk a few days ago and several witnesses claim that they saw it with their own eyes. According to a witness, several people had already gathered around the carcass. There was a woman who tried to call animal control to pick up the creature. However, animal control never came. Instead an old guy arrived and carted it away claiming that he would mount it on his wall.

To date, the East Hampton branch of animal control keeps mum about the incident. This fueled speculations that it was part of a government experiment that had gone haywire. At least we’re not talking aliens here. Then again, if it was alive and could talk, that was another thing . . .

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