Aug 06

Sequel to The Dark Knight

As The Dark Knight continues to break records, fans are now speculating on the sequel. More than the story, fans are interested to find out who the next villain will be. Following Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance, everyone wants to find out who would be talented enough and brave enough to be the next villain.

Rumors abound that the Caped Crusader may face the Riddler in the sequel. Whispers that Johnny Depp might sign on to play the nefarious super-criminal have likewise been going around. Then again, like all rumors, it may be just as reliable as saying that Will Smith will play the role.

Other possibilities floating around include Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing the Penguin or Angelina Jolie putting on Catwoman’s skin-tight suit. Imagination does run wild when it comes to the anticipated follow up to the famous movie.

Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that even filmmakers are already contemplating the details of the next movie. They are probably still resting on their laurels and enjoying the success of The Dark Knight.

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