Aug 06

The Real US Dream Team I Know

Let me tell you what team I will never forget — I watched every single game of this dream team in the Barcelona Olympics. In the basketball category, everyone knew only the Silver and the Bronze were up for grabs. The Olympic Committee could’ve actually engraved their names on the gold medal even before the games started. These were different players from the ones playing now. They won an average of 43 points in the Olympics and their opponents would rather hug them than block their shots sometimes. Their opponents were more busy watching their moves and wondering how to ask for an autograph after the game. What happened to the NBA? This is the team I am talking about — the very first US Dream Team. And for me, the only authentic Dream Team to ever play basketball.

I remember that even before the games began, every basketball fan was holding his or her breath. We knew this was going to be the game of a lifetime. Imagine a team with Magic Johnson and John Stockton as point guards. What about Patrick Ewing as center? Of course, Karl Malone is on the team with Stockton. And then we have the shooters Chris Mullin and Larry Bird. . . need I mention Michael Jordan? If the young ones haven’t seen the games of this team, I suggest you get a DVD copy of the games. When somebody asks what basketball is all about, there is no need to say a word. Just show them a single play done by this group in one of their games and he will understand. They showed the way that basketball was supposed to be played

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