Aug 06

US Dream Team Gets Wake Up Call from Aussies

The US Olympic Basketball Team finished its last exhibition game in Shanghai winning over the Aussies by 11 points. It was a bad performance for the basketball superstars because of a dreadful night from the 3-point range and the free throw line. These were the same areas that caused the semifinal loss to Greece in the world championships 2 years ago.

The US dream team led only by 4 points halfway through the third quarter and was up only by seven midway through the fourth against the Australian team. This was the period when the Aussies were resting its best player Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee Bucks center.

Their saving grace had to come from aggressive defensive efforts to finally overcome their bad shooting. This is a shaky preview for the basketball team as they now head towards Beijing to win the gold. Do they have what it takes? In a few more days, we will see.

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