Aug 09

The Beijing 2008 Olympics Opens in Grand Fashion

As the Beijing 2008 Olyimpics opened yesterday, athletes from around the world marched in their chosen colors while the whole world watched in anticipation. The Americans looked fantastic in their Ralph Lauren navy coats and white pants as they paraded around with Lopez Lomong of the track and field team carrying their flag.

Meanwhile, other teams were less formal like the Australians wearing comfy sandals rather than formal shoes and the Swiss who sported the skateboarder look.

But the fashionistas for the night were definitely the British with their navy suits, matching belt and white jackets. They were led during the parade in the National Stadium by swimmer Mark Foster who proudly waved the flag as the team showed off their national colors.

During the Olympics, I will keep everyone posted and updated on the important events in the Games until the final parade. Good luck to all athletes!

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