Aug 10

French Swimmer Promises to Trample the US 4×100 Freestyle Relay Team

Alain Bernard, current world record holder for the 100-meter freestyle just announced that the French freestyle relay team’s goal is to smash the American team. The world record for the 4×100 freestyle is currently held by the Americans which the French team are running after. Reports have circulated that the most recent time clocked in by the French relay team was good enough to beat the European record and just 0.08 seconds away from world record.

So, are the American swimmers shaking in their boots? Nah! If anything, Bernard got them all fired-up. And knowing Michael Phelps, remarks like these serve more as fuel than deterrents in the water. The remark was most likely triggered by reports that the American swimming team currently has the best collection of male swimmers in Olympic history. Along with Phelps in the team are Cullen Jones and Jason Lezak who were part of the team that made the world record in the 4×100 freestyle in Victoria, British Columbia in 2006. It is likely that they will be joined by Garret Weber-Gale, the current American record holder of the 100-meter freestyle.

Swimming is one of my favorite events in the Olympics, along with track and field, diving, and basketball. There’s never a dull moment in these events. And with the Frenchman’s remark, looks like the 4×100 freestyle is the event to watch.

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