Aug 13

Angelina Jolie to Replace Tom Cruise in “Salt”

Let’s take a breather from athletics and do gossip for a while. Celebrity gossips are pastimes that we should not neglect, no matter how hot those guys and girls look in their speedos.

Rumor has it that following long negotiations and arrangements, Tom Cruise may no longer play the role in the spy thriller, “Salt.” Apparently, Edwin A. Salt is scheduled to get a sex change with new mommy Angelina Jolie currently negotiating to replace Cruise.

Along with the sex change comes a redraft of the screenplay and a possible change in title. The story now revolves around a CIA officer who needs to prove that she is not a Russian sleeper spy that has been hired to assassinate the president.

Screenwriter Kurt Wimmer will redraft the screenplay, about a CIA officer who must prove she is not a Russian sleeper spy out to assassinate the president, to suit Jolie. Phillip Noyce remains attached to “Salt” as director. Jolie is also doing “Atlas Shrugged,” an adaptation of the Ayn Rand novel but has not divulged yet which one will go first.

Looks like an imminent disaster for Tom Cruise. While Cruise’s “Lions for Lambs” bombed at the box office last year, Jolie’s “Wanted” has earned about $250 million at the worldwide box office. Let’s wait and see then. I hope this latest drawback in Cruise’s career doesn’t affect his current marriage.

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