Aug 13

Detox Your Home from Fleas

My youngest son loves animals. I don’t mind really. Except, I have skin asthma that is sensitive to fleas, dust, mites, and so many more. I haven’t had a major skin outbreak for years. However, it is irritating that I can’t get rid of the dermatitis on my nail beds and that usual itchy spot on my ankles. Upon consultation with my dermatologist, it appears like I have to take care of the fleas that my son’s cat most likely has. Even worse, my son’s cat has 2 kittens at the moment that she is nursing. I think kitten fleas are making my allergy worse.

I avoid using insecticides or other chemicals to rid the house of pests. So, I read up on the internet and found a natural way to kill fleas at There were several suggestions that I found, one involves feeding your pet with garlic. This could be a good option if you don’t care much for the risk that garlic may place on your pet. I don’t plan to break my son’s heart. I had to find something else. That’s when I saw that there are such things as flea traps — similar to those sticky glue on paper to catch roaches. And of course, I do have to vacuum regularly.

Well, wish me luck. If you have the same problem as I do, go visit the site to save you, your family, and your pets from those pesky pests.

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