Aug 13

Spanish Olympic Basketball Team Under Fire for Alleged Racist Picture

The Spanish Olympic Basketball team is currently taking flack for an ad which, according to many, is racist. It features the entire team slanting their eyes by pulling the corners with their fingers. It was reported that the picture was made as a reference to the extension of the team’s ad contract with Li-Ning Footwear, a Chinese company founded by Li Ning, the final torchbearer during the Opening Ceremony a few days ago.

As Spain tries to defend itself, the picture continues to draw negative comments from people. Regardless of the intent, none of those involved in the ad anticipated that it could upset a lot of people. The issue continues to pick up steam with Spain still justifying their action instead of apologizing for the bad judgment. The Organization of Chinese-Americans released multiple statements condemning the picture.

During the Spain-China basketball game last night, the Chinese crowd consistently booed the Spaniards. Spain won the game 85-75 in overtime.

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