Aug 13

US Dream Team Pushed Aside the Angolan Team at 97-76

The US Olympic Basketball Team easily defeated the Angolans with a 97-76 victory Tuesday night. It was an expected massacre as LeBron James overpowered their opponents in the court. Dwayne Wade scored 19 points while Dwight Howard added another 14 points. At least, the Angolan Team met their goal of not losing for more than 40 points. Now that the US Dream Team has wrapped up the easy leg of the competition, they are now preparing for the next game with Greece.

It was Greece that delivered the upset to the US Team in the semi-finals of the world championships 2 years ago and the US does not intend to make a repeat. They are now aware of how physical Greece can get and anticipates a tougher game than the last two. The US team will meet world champion Spain after the game with Greece.

The team was actually shooting badly during the game with Angola with Kobe Bryant making 0-for-5 in the first half. Though he improved in the next half, he admits that the team was having problems in spot-up shooting and needs to adjust. The Americans were 7-of-24 from behind the arc during the game with China and now barely any difference at making 5 out of 21.

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