Aug 15

Lotus Notes on Apple IPhone

Lotus Domino Access will soon be available for the IPhone. It is planned for release within the year and marketed as IBM Lotus INotes. Users can access their emails, contacts, and calendar through their IPhones. You will never miss another email from the office again — this time it fits right into your hand with the touchscreen experience of your IPhone.

I don’t really feel like this is a good thing for most employees. It’s obviously bringing your work with you anywhere. When the boss knows you’ve got your Lotus Notes right in your phone, there is no excuse for not answering an email or sending information or data through it. Like the ad for the software says, it’s “bringing the enterprise to your Apple IPhone.” The world is working too hard as it is. We have forgotten to stop and smell the roses. We spend more time in front of the computer or our mobile phones than playing with our kids. Meanwhile, the kids follow our example and stuff their ears with their IPod earphones and stop listening to their parents.

Anyway, my Lotus Notes is one application I don’t want to be carrying around with me wherever I go. But for most people, they feel it is a convenience that IBM and Apple has gifted them with. So, for the workaholics out there, below are some planned screenshots for the Lotus INotes. These are just planned shots and the final software may actually look different. Enjoy. . .

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