Aug 15

Michael Phelps Just a Gold Away from Spitz’s Record and Two Away from Immortality

Michael Phelps won his sixth gold in the Beijing Olympics in the 200 meter individual medley. What is more critical is that he is on the brink of matching Spitz’s record of 7 gold medals in a single Olympics. And then another to break it. As a matter of fact, Phelps has already made records by being the Olympian with the most number of career gold medals at 12. Yet, he is still swimming as if he has not made his mark in sports history.

His next two races are important, the 100 meter butterfly and the 400 meter medley. The 100 meter butterfly is his signature stroke, so it is likely that he will be able to match Spitz’s record. The last race will be the one that makes or breaks his place in Olympic history.

My money is on Phelps breaking the record. Good luck Mike!

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