Aug 15

The Black Thingy on Kerry Walsh’s Shoulder

If you have been watching the Beijing Olympics and some action in Women’s Beach Volley, you’re probably wondering what that black goo on Kerry Walsh’s shoulder is all about. I made a guess too and thought it was a cover-up for a tattoo of a non-paying sponsor or something like that. Some say it’s a Nike swoosh gone haywire. Others think it’s not a cover-up but an actual tattoo that means something. Care to guess?

It’s not any of those I mentioned above. The black stuff on Walsh’s right shoulder is actually medical tape called Kinesio Tape. A kinesio tape is made of special elastic material designed to support muscles without impeding any range of motion. Walsh underwent surgery last fall to remove bone chips, bone spurs, and scar tissue that has built up over time from spiking and setting. The tape and the method by which it is applied stabilizes the shoulder and aids in circulation during the match.

We’ll see how this kinesio tape holds up when Walsh and her partner retains the gold medal in Beijing.

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